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About me...

I grew up in Orinda and I have lived in Lafayette since 1995. Before I had children I worked at The Convention and Vistior’s Bureau in San Francisco promoting the city as a destination for meetings and events.


After marrying my high school sweetheart I was a full time mom, raising my kids and doing volunteer work for the schools.  My son Nick graduated from Acalanes High School in 2015 and works and lives in downtown Lafayette, and my daughter Chloe is in high school now.


I received my undergraduate degree in English from UCLA and I have a Masters in Writing from the University of San Francisco. Having completed the UC Berkeley Certificate Program in College Admissions and Career Planning I have 

 the in-depth knowledge to help students transition from high school to college.


I know first hand the importance of college fit. As a freshman, I flew across the country to Boston University, my dream school. Only it wasn’t. Turns out I didn’t like the cold or being in the middle of a big city, and I felt lost in the shuffle. If only I had done a self assessment, or reflected on my values and what I wanted! I ended up transferring to UCLA where I was much, much happier. 


I look forward to addressing each student’s individual needs so they end up successful and, equally important, happy.

One last note about me. I LOVE to cook, and I am the owner of a rascal of a dog named Scooter (see cheeky photos below.)

Life of Scooter

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